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If you are seeking the finest hotels in Nigeria, you have certainly come to the right place. With a reputation spanning across the globe, Tsogo Sun helps travellers of all types find the perfect base from which to explore a country that was once well off the road less travelled.

Southern Sun Ikoyi
The stylish Southern Sun Ikoyi has 195 rooms designed to create a relaxing and luxurious experience, located in the government precinct and hub of the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The hotel features an all day dining restaurant and bar, pool as well as a fully equipped gym with sauna and steam rooms. This hotel has easy access to the city and business amenities to keep every traveller on the go.

There is no doubt that Nigeria has not always been on the radar for travel. But in recent years, plenty of transformation has come about, earning the country its spot as a major hub for technology, business and even a budding tourist destination. Boasting much to offer in the way of attractions, cultural appeal and natural heritage, visitors are sure to come away with lasting memories of their time spent in the country too.


The capital city of Lagos is huge, sprawling and teeming with activity. This is where you will find sights such as the National Museum, where history and tradition are tracked through the ages. There are other highlights here too, including the Nike Art Gallery that showcases contemporary artists; Freedom Park Lagos, a state initiative combining culture and history; the wildlife sanctuary of Lekki Conservation Centre and a number of colourful markets selling everything you can imagine.


Head out of Lagos, and you will encounter even more facets of the country’s appeal. Major landmarks include Yankari National Park, Osun Sacred Forest, the Niger Delta, Olumo Rock and many others. The people, cultures, food, music, art and traditions found across the country are just as diverse as the sights –something you will quickly discover from the moment you have checked in to your chosen hotel.


Let Tsogo Sun show you the magic of Lagos with the very finest hotels in Nigeria so that you can begin your African adventure today. Contact us today and find out more about Nigeria or some other magical African destinations such as Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania or Zambia.



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