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With just days to go before the South African delegate jets off to South East Asia, 25year old Tamerin Jardine is ready to share her passion, views and environmental activism with the world. At a press conference hosted at the Tsogo Sun, Sandton Sun earlier this week, this young lawyer, environmentalist and passionate animal rights activist shared her hopes and dreams for the exciting journey she is about to embark on. There is nothing that this young woman cannot do. This year’s international Miss Earth theme is Sustainable Energy and in light of this, the Miss Earth South Africa organisation’s light harvesting campaign alongside that of energy efficiency makes for a perfect offering as Jardine heads to Manila, Philippines. She is about to embark on a voyage to a new world of culture, experience and learning.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is leading a global initiative on Sustainable Energy to mobilize action from all sectors of society in support of three interlinked objectives to be achieved by 2030: providing universal access to modern energy services; doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency; and doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

Sustainable energy – energy that is accessible, cleaner and more efficient – powers opportunity. It grows economies, it lights up homes, schools and hospitals, it empowers women and local communities and it paves a path out of poverty to greater prosperity for all. However, approximately one in five people around the world do not have access to modern energy services, with twice that number, 3 billion people, reliant on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for cooking and heating.

The Miss Earth South Africa in association with Consol strives to create a platform to empower young South African women to take on environmental and sustainability issues and build these young ladies to become Ambassadors for the extensive environmental, conservation and sustainable work done by the organisation. Recently having celebrated its 10th Anniversary, this leadership programme for young women has seen several Ambassadors come from the Johannesburg, the City of Gold, which is also home to Tamerin, the 2012 Miss Earth South Africa.

Having completed her LLB and BA Law degrees at the University of Johannesburg, Tamerin has always been a passionate advocate of animal rights and an environmentalist who plans to go on to complete her Masters in Environmental Law. “I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals and the beauty of Mother Earth. Nature is thus so much a part of who I am. During my time as Miss Earth South Africa I have been actively involved in an extensive number of greening initiatives from tree planting, sustainable food gardens, to alien invasive clear outs and public area clean ups. As part of our South African programme I was also a part of the project that saw the Miss Earth South Africa organisation plant their 20,000th tree. An exciting milestone, which I was honoured to be a part of.” says Jardine.

In South Africa we have a very real problem in the lack of formal infrastructure in the informal settlements and more rural areas. Energy and water are two resources that are not readily available to the masses of our country. To combat this problem, a mass installation of solar geysers in low cost housing developments in rural communities has been undertaken.

South Africa is currently one of the world’s leading coal producers and is still largely reliant on coal-fire power stations for its electricity generation. As the economic hub of Africa, South Africa needs to ensure long-term plans for the use of Sustainable and Renewable Energy that is available to all our people.
The Miss Earth South Africa has focussed on ‘Sustainable Energy, being the creation of enough energy, for all, forever’. Solar Power technology, hydropower and wind power projects have been piloted with great success here at home, and Tamerin is excited to share what we have successfully done here in South Africa to transform a coal dominated energy landscape with the abundance of sunshine, wind and water to engage in long-term sustainable plans for our energy forecast.

There is so much work that still needs to be done, but with this young women’s determination and drive coupled with humility and a willingness to learn makes Tamerin Jardine, the Miss Earth South Africa an ideal ambassador to carry the international Miss Earth title and ideals into 2013.

Tamerin will be representing South Africa amongst 100 International delegates from around the world this November as she takes part in the 13th Annual International Miss Earth. She will arrive in Manila, Philippines in November and will spend three weeks in South East Asia as she travels throughout the Philippines with her fellow contestants. The delegates will be visiting schools and communities, promoting environmental campaigns and programmes and meeting with dignitaries and environmental bodies across the region. Their key focus being Sustainable Energy and what each Ambassador can do to continue promoting Energy Efficiency once they return home.

As a proud sponsor of Miss Earth South Africa, 49M aims to find a solution and to make a difference. The 49M initiative aims to inspire and rally all South Africans behind a common goal –to save electricity and create a better economic, social and environmental future for all. Saving power is really about changing our attitudes. By simply making small changes in our everyday life, collectively we can make a massive difference. The Miss Earth is committed to the 49M initiative; if we all reduced our energy usage by just 10% it would be as effective as building a brand new power station.

Tamerin will share this exciting initiative and campaign with her global counterparts.
National Director, Catherine Constantinides said, “We have no doubt that Tamerin will do us proud on an international stage. She knows what it takes to go all the way, to compete for a title that represents everything she believes in. Her hard work, hands on involvement and tenacity will stand her in good stead. We are proud of her efforts as a Green Ambassador not only for Miss Earth but for our beautiful country.”

The Miss Earth has gained great momentum over the past few years. International pageants are no longer focussing solely on the appearance and glamour of the finalists. This event was created to ensure the role of young women in the global crisis that we are faced with, the destruction of Mother Earth. It has created an incredible platform for awareness over the past 11 years across the world.

Tamerin has been spoilt by sponsors and designers and some of these include Victor Kok, a young Capetonian, with a flair for elegance and creativity. Victor designed the most unique National Costume and Evening Gown for Tamerin. Many hours of creative brainstorming, attention to detail, and a passion to express what makes us uniquely South African have resulted in an exquisite range of garments. Her wardrobe includes pieces from Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, JJ Schoeman, KluK and Hemporium. She has been spoilt with gorgeous accessories from Crystal Forum and Swarovski as well as Healing Earth, Glominerals and SpaRituals, Esse Organic Skin Care, The Body Shop and ghd South Africa. Tamerin has been pampered and prepared with the assistance of Camelot and Bijan Boutique Hairdressing.

The International Miss Earth will see Tamerin Jardine, Miss Earth South Africa 2012, grace the global stage in style and elegance. Jardine goes forward having been an amazing ambassador, with great commitment and knowledge of the environmental need. She understands her responsibility and the power that she has to make a difference, to educate and to be a voice for the green movement.
Special thanks to the partners who make all the work possible; Consol, Tsogo Sun, Imperial Toyota, SAPPI, Total, 49M, Garnier and Newsclip.



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