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In an industry typified by excess and consumption, the Garden Court uMhlanga is a breath of fresh air…in fact, if fresh air is your thing, you'll be impressed by the mechanics and innovation at work behind the scenes of this fine establishment, the energy efficient systems that guests are blissfully unaware of...

Water is life
The hotel recycles all rain and grey water, and chillers are air-cooled, so no water is used for heat rejection. A heat recovery facility has been fitted, so that any heat that would normally be released is now used for heating the domestic water. The pumps are fitted with variable speed drives to regulate the amount of chilled water distributed throughout the building, so the building remains cool in Durban's heat but without sucking up energy. All taps deliver healthy ozone enriched water, and showers minimise water wastage with low-flow fixtures.

A breath of fresh air

To safeguard against refrigeration leaks, a refrigeration-leak detection system has been installed, with sensors close to all the chillers' refrigeration circuits. Fresh air distribution is controlled by carefully placed supply air outlets, exhaust/return air outlets and the provision of sufficient filtered and tempered fresh air, so you'll never have that 'stale air' experience that you get in over air-conditioned rooms. All rooms are fitted with energy saving lights and an electrical control box: as guests leave and take the key card, so power is cut to various electrical points in the room.

Greenie points for...

Other innovative ideas include the use of old recycled billboards for menus and bill folders and recycled paper products wherever possible.

Guests, however, won't notice any of this. What they will notice when staying with us is the fresh and cool decor, the comfortable rooms and, in the morning, the great shower. They might also notice the recycled glass water jugs, the excellent buffet breakfast and the Khayelitsha cookies with their coffee.

And that's just fine for Garden Court uMhlanga. Guests concentrate on feeling good; we'll look after doing good.

Garden Court  Umhlanga Green
Customer contact centre
0861 44 77 44 | +27 11 461 9744
Hours of operation:
Open Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 20h00.
Open Saturday from 08h00 to 17h00.
Open Sunday from 09h00 to 17h00 and certain public holidays.
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