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Palvi Aquino Receives Golden Keys Accreditation 


Palvi Aquino, Head Concierge at Suncoast Hotel & Towers is the first woman in Tsogo Sun and the second woman in South Africa to receive the prestigious accreditation from the Society of Golden Keys in Great Britain and the Commonwealth. The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth was founded in London just over fifty years ago.  “The Keys” as the Society is most commonly called, has been in existence since 1952, when a group of Head Hall Porters of several leading London Hotels got together and agreed to set up an organisation. Members are all employed as uniformed Concierges at hotels of good-standing for a minimum of five years, and have had their knowledge put to the test by senior figures in the Society.



Palvi has been a invaluable asset to the Company for the past 6 years.  She currently holds the position of Head Concierge/Guest Experience Officer at Suncoast Towers and SunSquare Suncoast.  Palvi is a qualified Paramedic and with 8 years experience in Finance.  He career at Tsogo Sun commenced in 2006 in the position as Concierge.   Through internal development and acknowledgement of her skills she was promoted to Head Concierge.  Currently she is on the International Diploma in Hospitality through City & Guilds of London.  She is also a SA Host and Tourism Buddy Trainer.  The milestone in her achievements this year was winning the Siyakhanya Brand Ambassador Award for the Premier Brand of hotels.  The award is a recognition of her dedication and commitment to the values of the establishments and the ethos of the organization.



In the addition to the fulfilment of her role she engages in a host of other functions such as Training and Development, Public Relations, Events and Community Services Initiatives. Her dedication to teaching and enhancing a culture of learning in and outside the establishment is admirable. Not only has she embraced the groups brand essence and vision, but has instinctively succeeded by inspiring others to participate. Her ability to adapt to changing conditions or new assignments demonstrates her resilience, flexibility and adaptability. All these elements have resulted in an elevated standard of guest service, evident from the positive guest and social network feedback. 



Being awarded the Golden Keys prestigious accreditation from the Society of Golden Keys in Great Britain and the Commonwealth has been a life chaining experience for Plavi as this has placed her on an international platform where the Company’s vision of being providing the greatest possible variety of Hospitality, Leisure, Gaming and Entertainment in every one of our Destinations and hence enhancing the brand globally.  She dedicates all of her accomplishments to a combinations of hard work, inspirational people, her willingness to make a difference in the lives of other and always having a sense of humor.  This award is constant reminder of her achievements and continued commitment to the Company Values and Vision. 

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