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Southern Sun Hotels launch unique luncheon option – while saving the environment 


The days of skipping lunch because of time constraints are finally over! Southern Sun Hotels has launched a unique initiative for the hasty business traveller that does not have time to plan their next meal. The adage "time is money" certainly affects the healthy eating habits of the discerning business traveller in the 21st century!


With increasing emphasis on service excellence and environmentally friendly products in this fast growing economy, once again Southern Sun has satisfied their guests' needs by combining these two imperatives into one easy solution – MyLunch!


MyLunch is a wholesome, healthy all day take away meal solution available at all Southern Sun Hotels.  It consists of the freshest healthiest ingredients available on the day and includes a sandwich of choice, a healthy barley based salad, a snack bar, 2 fruits, a fruit juice, a water and fresh vegetable crudités and dip.  What's best is all the ingredients are wrapped and packaged in compostable packaging, being not only environmentally friendly but actually compostable.


Additionally the luncheon is packed in an elegant carrier bag which is made from Rock Paper. These bags are 100% treeless and is created from natural stone and inorganic mineral powder with a non-toxic resin to create a paper product that looks and feels like natural tree-fibre paper but is more eco-friendly.


For a mere R 85, business travelers can now keep healthy and be environmentally friendly!
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Open Sunday from 09h00 to 17h00 and certain public holidays.
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