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Tsogo Sun Leading Environmental Sustainability in Tourism 


Group Environmental Statement


Tsogo Sun hotels division, a member of The Tsogo Sun Group, a leader in the gaming and hospitality industry, is engaged in the development, operation and management of casinos, hotels and resorts across Africa. In the provision of gaming, entertainment, leisure and hospitality services, the Tsogo Sun Group recognises its responsibility for the impacts it has on its surrounding communities and the environment in general.


We are committed to integrating leading environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy, thereby ensuring balance between our economic, social and environmental needs.  The Tsogo Sun Group shall, therefore, lead the way and work continuously to reduce or manage its impacts and to actively contribute to a more sustainable society. In achieving this, we shall:


  • ensure that at all times, we identify, evaluate and comply with local, regional or national environmental laws and regulations applicable to our operations within the areas in which we conduct business;
  • continually evaluate and manage our environmental risks, targets and objectives;
  • actively seek to minimise pollution, emissions and effluents emanating from our operations;
  • work to minimising our waste through reducing, reusing and recycling programmes and the adoption of a 'zero waste' policy;
  • strive to reduce consumption of natural resources through the responsible use of energy, gas and water and the identification and implementation of sustainable energy solutions;
  • manage biodiversity through the protection of flora, fauna and land associated with – or impacted by our operations;
  • communicate our policies and achievements openly and transparently to our employees, suppliers, contractors, investors and guests;
  • collaborate with our suppliers and business partners to actively reduce the environmental impact of our business activities;
  • continually improve and innovate on our environmental performance standards;
  • report annually on our environmental performance; and
  • provide support for the sustainable development of our communities.


We acknowledge that we have only started developing and implementing the many changes that will be necessary to achieve these objectives, but we strongly believe that our efforts to manage our business sustainably serves the interests of both current and future generations and constitutes the foundation for enduring success.


"Tsogo Sun hotels division, Leading Environmental Sustainability in Tourism"


Tsogo Sun - Leading Environmental Sustainability in Tourism
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